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Of a building you can investigate the basic data (age, useful area, GPS coordinates, etc.) and also plant by floor which areas are rented or vacant. There are 3D versions of the plants with which to make “virtual visits” and go through them almost as if you were there. But the informative details go even further.

Some buildings also have photographs or 3D renderings of the basic facilities that go beyond the typical visits: basements with heating appliances, air conditioning, electrical panels, pipes … Everything is perfectly cataloged so that from a control panel you can know when maintenance work is required. What’s more, the software itself allows you to organize a calendar with the necessary jobs. For some devices you can even access digital versions of documentation and technical maintenance manuals.

We are, therefore, witnessing a massive digitization of our environment, in which cities can be seen as an enormous set of data in which to go “digging” visually in more and more detail: from entire neighborhoods to buildings, properties , plants, and – as in the case of virtual twins – even basement and the manual pages of the boiler.

The term flexible work has been part of the vocabulary of workers for a long time. However, the adaptation by companies to the needs of flexible work has not become a general trend until recent years.

Workers have long demanded more than a quality competitive salary and a set of job benefits. Now they are pushing for companies to make flexible working conditions a top priority. According to a study carried out by CBRE UK, 72% of workers aged 55 and over and 92% of workers aged 18 to 34 would like flexible working policies in their workplaces.

Developers are moving quickly to adapt to this new paradigm, working with companies to accommodate changes in their workplace rental needs. Co-working is the most popular flexible space solution. For CBRE, “the appeal of the co-working model lies in the possibility of obtaining a rental with a flexible duration, coupled with more interesting work environments.”

Co-working spaces were originally conceived for small start-ups and individual professionals. For example, the WeWork hot desk option, which allows workers 24/7 access to the WeWork locations of their choice.

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