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The canals have been used for commerce, as corridors for military ships and as flood prevention systems.

This ancient city (dating from 3100 BC) has a main canal (Le Thiou) that feeds from Lake Annecy, the third largest lake in France. Throughout the history of the city, this channel has facilitated transportation, both for people and companies. For example, in the Middle Ages, steel and textile mills began to be established along the edge of the canal, and today business continues to flourish in the area thanks to its excellent location and accessibility.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, fleeing Venetians found refuge on the islands and, because of the swampy terrain, were forced to build the city on wooden stakes (stilt houses), giving rise to the Venice we know today. Built around the water, the 115 islands are linked by 455 bridges. Its canals, which make up a large network like streets, could lead to the destruction of the city, since to allow the passage of large cargo ships and cruise ships, they built very deep channels. This is causing too much seawater to enter the city, creating erosion in construction and turbulent tides.

Cape Coral, in Florida, is the city with the most canals in the world. Specifically, it has more than 600 kilometers of channels in total, of which most are passable by boat. The city was developed and envisioned in 1958 and has since increased its population to 200,000 and is considered one of the best cities to retire within the United States.

Ernakulam is located on the southwest coast of India and its canals are the main transportation route. The city is connected to the nearest cities by more than 30 services that operate from the 50 docks in the region. Trips of more than 45 minutes by bus can be done in 15 minutes by boat.

Tigre is located on the Luján River on the northern border of Buenos Aires. In the late 1800s it developed into an amusement park and museum area, but fell into disarray. During the last decade, the city has been rejuvenated and rebuilt, and its canals are once again full of leisure and tourism.

Known as the Venice of the East, Suzhou is a charming maze of canals and waterways. The city boasts the longest man-made waterway in the world, the Grand Canal, which was built in 495 BC.

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