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In a perfect world, each person in the office would enjoy a bespoke soundscape.

Some research has also found that noise has significant effects on the budget. For example, a 2013 study by The Sound Agency, a UK consultancy specializing in optimizing soundscapes and noise levels for commercial assets, found that distractions caused by city noise cost workplaces Europeans about 42 billion euros in terms of lost productivity.

The noise may be at a level where it does not physically damage the ears, “but it can cause chronic stress, and chronic stress is well known to cause long-term health problems,” he continues. As already indicated, the response of each person to each sound level represents a problem for workplaces that seek to mitigate these effects. Now, there are certain basic strategies that entrepreneurs can consider.

Of course, in a perfect world, workers could tailor their soundscapes to their preferences. However, he notes, “this is easier said than done, because there are always design limitations that prevent excessive customization.”

With that in mind, he suggests that workspaces try to keep sound levels as low as possible to accommodate those who work best in quiet environments, and that employees who prefer a more lively environment put on headphones to give them a little extra boost. joy to your journey.

Of course, headphones can create their own problems in terms of communication in the workplace, Szalma notes. There may not be a perfect solution, especially in the age of open offices. “Someone is going to have to give in anyway,” he says.

Investment in real estate in Spain will take hold in 2018. In addition, the residential sector will consolidate its recovery in 2018 and the price is expected to increase by around 5-6% year-on-year on average in Spain, due to growing demand in Spain. These are some of the conclusions that emerge from the Real Estate Market Outlook 2018 report published every year by CBRE. Each area is described in detail below.

In 2018 the Spanish real estate sector points to another year of high activity. Low interest rates, high liquidity and the potential that the Spanish real estate sector still offers continues to make it an interesting investment alternative compared to other markets and / or products.

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