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The latest developments are proving attractive, too. For example, according to a 2013 article by Joanna Foster in Think Progress, wind farms across the country were attracting visitor buses. Facilities in the Great Lakes region of Michigan, North Palm Springs (California) and Atlantic City in New York are favorite destinations for many tourists.

Even the vilified Cape Cod wind farms have had support, with the local ferry company “Hy-line Cruises” announcing its plans to organize tours of the turbine area once they are installed.

Lights, blinds, locks or heating are some of the domestic appliances that have begun to incorporate the possibility of communicating with the mobile phone, a function that will be increasingly common in “smart homes” and connected. Among other advantages, this allows remote control of the devices both from inside the home and also from outside, from anywhere in the world through the internet. It also enables voice control, “intelligent” management from a central computer and the automatic optimization of resources and energy consumed (and depending on the case also produced) by the home.

However, even today in most homes, most domestic appliances do not have internet connectivity of any kind, although they fulfill their function perfectly and have many years of useful life ahead of them.

This does not mean that they should be excluded from intelligent or remote management, or from the mobile phone. There are various home automation appliances that are designed precisely to provide this feature, or at least part of it, to conventional appliances that already exist in the home, and without the need to replace them with more modern ones.

One of these devices is the Bond infrared emitter. It is designed to serve as a “bridge” between the mobile phone and any household appliance that has a remote control that operates by infrared or radio frequency. For example, air conditioners, electric fireplaces, ceiling fans, motorized windows and blinds, wireless thermostats, garage doors, etc.

The operation of the Bond emitter is simple: it is placed in any socket in the house, which is within the range of the device to be controlled. Using the device’s original remote control, the device “learns” the signals (infrared or radio) that control the device and what its functions are. TO

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