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This list includes questions about governance, communications, collections, staff, services, programming, and spaces. The Alberta province government also shared guidelines while the Library and Archives of Canada is providing updates on its website, including a video explaining its plans to visitors. Likewise, the libraries in Laval, Quebec, have stipulated what kind of activities will take place in the different stages of the reopening.

China: Some details on the process of reopening China’s libraries are available in an article published by the Asia-Oceania Section of IFLA.

Colombia: The National Library of Colombia has made infographics explaining the process to follow for the reopening of libraries, helping the library community to understand the decisions they must make, and the conditions they must meet for the reopening.

Croatia: The National University Library shared an update on how it is organizing the reopening. The page also includes links to other libraries. IFLA produced this translation in addition to previous guidelines that provide suggestions on how libraries operate while they are closed.

Cyprus: The National Library has published guidelines both for its reopening and for the public and other libraries (translated into English by IFLA).

Czech Republic: The government shared guidelines on hygiene in reopened libraries, and the Library Council issued more suggestions on ways to reopen services with safety conditions for employees. More information can be found on the Library Council website. IFLA translated the latest guidelines (May 18) into English in addition to the basic guidelines that were already shared on April 24 (original, translation).

Denmark: The Ministry of Culture developed guidelines for libraries on the next step to opening that include working with staff, user support and loans. These guidelines have been updated (June 20). IFLA has translated these guidelines into English.

Estonia: The Minister of Culture developed guidelines (translated into English by IFLA) on how to reopen spaces in the library, many libraries remained open offering curbside and home delivery service. Instructions on handling sick staff or visitors are also included.

Finland: The site, managed by the Helsinki City Library, includes a description in English on the different approaches taken by Finnish libraries, as well as links to key resources and a forum where librarians can ask questions about how to to provide services while quarantine restrictions are lifted.

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