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Digitization “has come to stay” and is the common denominator of all business agendas and business plans.

Now, at this moment and in the midst of this “digital tidal wave”, it is more necessary than ever to be prudent, not to be influenced by fashions and to approach the digital transformation taking into account three differential factors:

1. Focus on the user. Digitization is a means, not an end, and as such, it should help us find business solutions that provide real value. Each company is like a piece of a puzzle, in which only one solution is adequate. Implementing a digital tool first and then looking for the application in business often has a difficult fit.

2. Invest with a vision for the long term. Although inertia tends to lead us to achieve the highest profit in the current month or quarter (especially in listed companies), it is necessary to extend the time horizon of digital decisions and invest in those that make our business grow in a sustainable way. To ensure that what we invest in has a long-term projection, it is necessary to have a great knowledge of the business and the main trends that will shape the future, which brings us to the next factor.

3. Let yourself be advised by professionals who, above all, understand your business and identify the needs and existing frictions in it, in order to have the best solutions in each case.

Only those who are capable of integrating the specific knowledge of the sector, together with the processes and technological solutions that adapt to the needs of the end customer, will be successful in the process of digital transformation.

It is key to innovate to move forward and to do so from a leadership perspective, opening the way without fear but with head and feet on the ground.

In short, companies must tackle the challenge of digitization today better than tomorrow, doing it simultaneously from a strategic and practical perspective that allows us to choose the tools that best adapt to the reality of our business. Digitization must be useful and, therefore, generate greater value for our customers, for our employees and for our shareholders, because, are not these the objectives of any business?

Automation, personalization and Big Data will be some of the trends that will transform the retail industry and consumer habits in the coming years, according to CBRE’s “Future of Retail 2030” report.

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