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There we have a bodyguard who protects a secret door that you will only see with Perception 6. That room gives access to a room with a safe where it is located -Access card to the salt laboratory-. Another interesting thing is on the next table, where some papers reveal a code:

CCH meeting room: It will always be empty until Hollywood history events unfold.

a) Mary: When we go to enter it, at its doors we find this whore who asks us for help to save her friends who are being attacked by wild pigs. The girls are prostitutes, and among them is Heidi, the one who rules Hollywood. Once saved, she will return to her brothel. There is a bug that if you let the prostitutes die, Heidi and Mary will be both in the brothel and in the cemetery.

b) Jonnhy Maloney: He is the undertaker of the place. He asks us for our help to destroy the vermin that are digging his graves.

c) Rají: This anti-system will cut us off from their conversation calling us pigs, since we are part of the Law. Until we complete the mission that Jonnhy Maloney entrusts to us, he will not ask us for help. He tells us that the Hotel California is the worst he has ever known because it sells a drug that destroys the brain. She tells us that her friend Josie went to the Hotel to drink and never came back, so she asks us to rescue her.

d) Flo: If we have previously been to -Schwag’s Drugstore- and have spoken with her, she will be here waiting for us to tell us what she knows about the city. It is only information, it will not give us any mission.

a) Flo: he receives us and if we ask him about Swifty he tells us that he cannot speak to us there because he is afraid, that he will stay with us in the cemetery, and he goes there.

b) Swifty: she will tell us about her work and how she likes to discover stars. If we know something about the issue of slavery in Hollywood we will enter into a dialogue about it. After a few times trying to get her to tell us something about slavery, she will agree to meet us in her office to talk about it, and she will leave. Now we must go to Swifty’s Hideout, the sewers to the right of the entrance to Hollywood. Next to the sewer we will see Swifty and she will tell us that we can be stars, but when we name her slavery, her companions will appear and a fight will begin.

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