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n Madrid, the sale of 50% of the Canalejas Center by OHL and Villar Mir stands out; the acquisition of the Hotel Velázquez which passes into the hands of the Didra group; the purchase of NH Manzanares and the operation of the future Generator acquired by Queensgate.

In Barcelona, ​​the sales of the Silken Diagonal Barcelona and Generator Barcelona hotels are significant, whose combined sum exceeds 100 million euros.

In addition, operations involving portfolios have also taken place, including the one carried out by the Portobello group, which in March acquired 95% of the Blue Sea Hotels & Resorts hotel chain, owner of several of the hotels it manages.

The city of Barcelona, ​​located between the sea and the mountains, tradition and modernity, has become the ninth most touristic city in the world in number of hotel overnight stays with 18.5 million.

“Hong Kong and London are the tourist cities par excellence worldwide, with around 70 million overnight stays”

However, when analyzing which are the cities with the highest future growth forecast, we observe how Asian cities gain weight and take the lead. Specifically, Hong Kong, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore expect strong increases in the next 5 years. In Barcelona, ​​however, growth will be somewhat lower, 7%.

Geneva and Zurich lead the ranking of the “Daily average of tourist spending in retail”, with spending above 150 dollars. Barcelona, ​​for its part, is at the bottom of the ranking without reaching $ 50 and expecting a 9% increase in spending until 2020.

“Due to its attractiveness for international tourists, Barcelona should be 3 or 4 places higher in terms of spending, just like Rome. One of the challenges for the city of Barcelona is to increase the number of business visitors “, says Erik Jan Buikema, analyst at CBRE

Tourism spending in retail in Barcelona was 699 million euros in 2015, a figure that has grown by 42% in the last 10 years. Most of this consumption, 81%, comes from international tourism. In the next 5 years, tourism spending in retail in Barcelona is expected to increase by 16%.

Travelers from the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom spend the most in retail in Barcelona, ​​with the United States, China and France the ones that have experienced the highest growth in the last 10 years.

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