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You have to confirm the target markets or make adjustments if necessary. Product improvements have to be formulated, evaluating prices and perhaps correcting them, and production and improving promotion should be expanded. Home videogames were introduced in the 1970s, but the Nintendo brand, which was the most captivating (perhaps addictive), actually created a new category of product in the 1980s. As described in a case at the end of This part of the text, this product seemed to be in the growth stage of its life cycle at the beginning of 1990. However, sales of video games stagnated in the middle of that same decade. From then on, to stimulate sales, Nintendo, Sony and Sega engaged in a “technological frog jump”. That is, the three competitors are constantly frightened by obtaining a differential advantage, so it is only temporary, incorporating more video, audio and graphics capabilities in their systems and controlling the prices at the same time.24

The administration during maturity Common strategies to keep sales of a product or give them a strong impulse during the stage of maturity of their life cycle not only consist of making a line extension, but in modifying the product, design new promotion e Devise new uses for that well.25 such measures can generate aggregate purchases from current customers or attract new customers. To reach a new market, Time Inc. extended its SPORTS LINE Illustrated by presenting different editions for women (its publication was suspended at the end of 2000) and children. When downloading sales, some cruise lines modified their services by adding new destinations and scale ports, and offering cruises with special topic (sometimes jointly with a professional sports team). In the public sector, the house of

One of the responsibilities of the United States Currency House is selling certified and unparalleled currencies, commemorative coins and medals. To maintain the interest in the coins of the country, with the collateral benefit of referring aspects of the history of the country, the currency house puts new coins in circulation and promotes them on its website.

United States coin issued a five-cent coin with a more modern image of Thomas Jefferson and is introducing 50 new 25 cents, each designed for each of the 50 states.2

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