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Then, the second was made, which is the one that the world ended up knowing.

Spyros Melaris directed the film and was in charge of getting each of the instruments, many were bought in the US, others in the UK, by a friend who never knew the end and they were acquired in different antique shops and delivered to different addresses, all to avoid suspicion. Spyros also made the “pollution suits” and obtained the cameras, one purchased and the other on loan from an acquaintance.

Throughout the process, he had as an ally his partner at the time, the only person whose identity is not known in the bizarre story, who was in charge of reviewing the medical books, put together the modus operandi of the autopsy after meeting with surgeons and pathologists, and even played the role of the nurse in the film.

The operating room was built in the home of Melaris’s girlfriend, in the London borough of Camden. They chose it because the entire property was in the process of reconstruction, so it had no inhabitants.

The body of the alien was, logically, a work of Humphreys, who told The Sunday Times: “It was made of latex foam. They were stuffed with lamb brains, chicken entrails and other parts of animals bought in a market, although they were altered. with a scalpel and coated with latex to give it a shape that no doctor could recognize. ” The brain, meanwhile, was made of three sheep brains and part of a pig’s brain, the pieces were “cast” in gelatin. The base of the figure arose from the sculptor’s son, also named John, who was 10 years old at the time.

One of the strongest arguments regarding the falsity of the document was the state of the alien’s right leg, as it was discordant with the rest of the body. While the entire doll was in perfect condition, the leg, on the contrary, had a hole with burn marks in which a bone could be seen. The reasoning then made by several specialists who saw the tape was: if the body belongs to a UFO that crashed, at a speed that the man never reached, why didn’t the body show greater signs of having suffered an accident? Why only the leg had evidence of having been exposed to intense fire?

Melaris’ explanation is simple: when they made the second doll, an air bubble was produced in the leg, as there was no more budget, they decided to “make up” this failure as a wound from the accident.

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