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They bought a leg joint from a sheep to put inside, some animal parts were added and then the area was blown out.

Five people can be seen in the operating room, in addition to the cameraman (Spyros) and the nurse (his girlfriend), each with a specific role. The surgeon was Humphreys, who as a sculptor had knowledge of anatomy; Another friend of Spyros, Greg Simmons, shows up in one of the pollution suits; Gareth Watson, a colleague of Santilli and Shoefield, was the man behind the glass, and eventually Spyros’s brother, Peter, played Spyros’s assistant behind the scenes, so he does not appear in any of the shots.

After filming was complete, the bodies were dismembered and their pieces dumped in different London garbage cans.

The first to speak was Spyros. The reasons that led him to break the confidentiality contract are unknown, but – apparently – it would have been for not receiving royalties for his work. Santilli, who sold the material at a steep price, would have kept the profits.

The revelation came 10 years ago, at a conference held on October 21 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England, during the annual meeting of UFO DATA, a non-profit organization that evaluates extraterrestrial evidence. The date was no accident, it was 60 years since the Roswell incident.

“I would like to say now that there is a large part of me that feels remorse. I underestimated the response it was going to generate. The reality is that everyone in the UFO community took this film as a smoking gun, proof of UFOs and aliens,” he said. Spyros.

Then, it was Santilli’s turn, who until now assures that the filming is a “recreation of a real recording” that he has in his possession, but that being of poor quality – it was affected by humidity and heat – he could not be transmitted. What’s more, he insists that the tape does contain stills from the actual autopsy, although he never identified them. After decades of silence, Humphreys also decided to speak, but only did so when he was summoned to recreate the alien body for the British comedy Alien autopsy, released in 2006.

The event will present by streaming and uninterrupted for 48 hours the central themes on the built environment around the world, from the environmental crisis to housing; from transportation issues to post-pandemic design

It is one of the most important recognitions in the national scientific field, awarded since 1964. All the details and winners

The Merck-CONICET Award for innovation in health sciences has the support of the German Embassy in Argentina and seeks to accelerate projects in the field of research in basic and applied health sciences that generate value to society and promote progress of technology in the country. How to take part

The Argentine doctor and businessman whose laboratory is going to develop the active principle of the drug spoke in a virtual meeting held by the Foundation for Health and Social Security Studies, the commitment that was carried out to defeat the coronavirus

An investigation, still preliminary, carried out in the Netherlands analyzed the effects of the influenza vaccine at the molecular level in the presence of the new virus SARS-CoV-2. What the first results say

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