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Some managers are not very supportive of the investigation because their task, the prediction of behavior, is inaccurate and very difficult to achieve; Researchers and directors often operate with different objectives and research is done sporadically. These problems can decrease and research become more “active” if there are more complete and continuous communications between researchers and managers.

More on the USDA food pyramid The Center for Nutrition Policies and its promotion of the United States Department of Agriculture may have decided that discretion was the best part of the value when it hired the project of the food guide. He issued an application for proposals (RFP, Request for Proposals) by inviting public relations companies to quote for the development of a new illustrated food guide and communicate it to the public through the media. The contract, won by Porter Novelli, was for three years, and established the budget for the first year at 1.6 million dollars. The design, which was announced in mid-2005 and finally cost 2.5 million dollars, is also a pyramid. However, instead of being divided horizontally, it is divided into a vertically, very similar to a fan. Each section represents a group of food, with the width of the sections indicating the recommended proportions for a healthy diet. With groups of food illustrated in this way, none receives a preponderant position at the base of the pyramid. The “winners”, with increasing increases in their consumption, are whole grains, fruits and legumes and low-fat dairy products. It is not surprising that “losers” were the products with many fats, sugar and sodium. The pyramid also incorporates a reduced consumption oils, oils and candy

Dor Uploading a staircase to indicate the importance of regular exercise to achieve good health. At present, the final result is 12 versions of the pyramid. By scoring your age, gender and activity level on the MYPYRAMID.GOV website, consumers are presented with a pyramid adjusted to these personal characteristics and a recommendation for food and exercise. On its first day, the site received more than 15 million visits. To develop the pyramid, suggestions from the food industry, from the groups interested in health and nutrition and even members of the US Congress of States with specific interests in certain food products were received.

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