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After getting the visa with an urgent character, and when Julio thought everything was over, he received the second request. It was necessary to have the replacement of the visa that afternoon or at night at night, along with a few creams from Four Seasons Athletic Club, which were favorite of a distinguished Oriental Prince. Julio called the airline, reserved and took the flight closest to Puerto Vallarta, and that same night all the wishes of him were granted to the Prince. Not only

He had been fulfilled, but by much the expectations were exceeded. The wishes of him in Four Seasons, they are orders!

It seems simple, but it is not easy to act like this, Jesus Zamudio tells us the experience of him. On one occasion, one of the service providers called him to attend to him a very important guest, because he was the general director of a certain government office. The contact could only be notified about the name and schedule of the arrival of it. He put a note in the system to be notified of the arrival of the guest. When Jesus went to the reception, he watched a group of bodyguards and a very beautiful mature woman, who wore elegantly and shelter an evening suit. He tried to identify her husband, but he only saw a man of short stature, brown, also mature and with sack, but without tie. However, by the appearance of him, he distinguished himself from others in some way. What to do? José let himself be carried away by the instinct of him and called for the name of him to the latter. He indicated that Mr. X had personally commissioned him to take him back to him for whatever he came to need. The short man thanked him this gesture and informed him that he was delayed to attend a very important dinner, took the elegant woman arm and went to her room followed by her body of herb. Moments later, he went back through the hotel lobby with an elegant tuxedo, his wife and her bodyguard. Minutes later, he called him very worried the contact to know if he had already reached him, to which he answered yes. “Did you recognize it?” He asked him. “I told him yes at the same time he described it.” The contact, very relieved, commented that he had forgotten to provide the physical description of the person, which contrasted completely with the investiture of him.

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